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Privacy and security


Policy regarding the handling of personal information


  1. Background
  2. What personal information is collected and what are they used for?
  3. How are personal information & agreements collected and for how long are they saved?
  4. Legal support for the usage of personal information
  5. Which partners do we share information with?
  6. Our customers’ rights
  7. Contact regarding data protection issues
  1. Background

At TripX, we aim to provide our customers, and our clients customers in cases where we are “Technical Producer”, with the best & most affordable travel experience we can give them, and in order to do so, we need to collect some personal information.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is EU’s data protection act valid for all member countries. on May 25, 2018, it replaced PUL (Personal Data Act).

For us, it is evident that you as a customer should know what, how and why we gather, handle and for how long we save your information – you can find the answers to all of this below.


Gathering personal information is done in order to be able to deliver the promised product to the customer. For this, we only collect the necessary data.

Using personal information must have a specific purpose and the customer’s consent covers only those purposes that have been defined.

Title, name and date of birth are used to ensure that a booking can be made and that tickets may be issued.

  • The airlines demand, in accordance with the valid security laws, that this information must also be the same as the corresponding information in the customer’s passport or ID. If the information differs, the airline has the right to refuse the passenger to board the aeroplane; it doesn’t matter if booking and payment has been made, and a ticket has been issued.
  • The hotels demand this information in order to meet government regulations regarding who checks in to the hotel, who stays in the hotel, what nationalities, or how many are staying in the hotel, due to safety regulations from the fire authorities, etc.

Address, email address, IP address and phone number are used in order to

  • verify bookings
  • issue invoices
  • secure payments
  • deliver tickets
  • provide the customer with information about the purchased trip and the travel destination
  • update the customer regarding any changes of departure times, gates at the airport and other travel-related information
  • inform the customer about new travel destinations, new products and selected campaigns

The passport number is used

  • in cases where the country of destination demands a visa

Social security number is used for

  • credit checks in those cases where the customer has chosen Invoice as a payment method
    • This is collected at payment, but not by TripX Travel AB – the information is fully managed by contracted providers of payment solutions in closed systems to which TripX has no access to

Medical certificates are used,

  • in accordance with current regulations, to manage reimbursements in case the customer has chosen to buy cancellation insurance, and has not been able to take the trip due to medical reasons

Bank account number, credit card number or debit card number are used to

  • make payments for purchased trips
    • This will be collected during payment but not by TripX Travel AB – the information is fully managed by contracted suppliers of closed system payment solutions which TripX has no access to
    • In accordance with current regulations, in case the customer has chosen to purchase the extra service of withdrawal protection and has chosen not to make the trip

Cookies are used to

  • enhance the customer experience on this website by remembering certain inputs so that the customer does not have to log in on every page
    • So that marketing and campaigns are as relevant as possible
  • continuously develop our own & our partners’ websites and our products

No other information is collected, and no information will be used other than for purposes listed above.


All the specified information and all consents are collected digitally during the booking and payment process when the customer

  • books a trip and accepts the terms and conditions linked to these
  • purchases, the add-on products cancellation protection and/or travel insurance and/or withdrawal protection and agrees with the terms and conditions which are linked to these
  • pays the trip and accepts the terms and conditions which are linked to the chosen method of payment

Name, email address and phone number will also be collected if the customer uses the form on the websites to send us a direct question.

When calling customer service, the customer’s phone number will be registered.

Medical certificates will be collected digitally in case the customer has bought the additional service of cancellation protection, and the customer sends a scanned copy of the medical certificate to avbestallningsskydd@tripx.se . As soon as the matter is closed, the information will be deleted.

The bank account number and email address will be collected if the customer files a complaint on parts or the whole trip after the purchase of the additional service cancellation protection and confirms this as well as provide the relevant bank information under the tab “Your Booking. As soon as the issue is resolved, the information will be deleted.

Consent and collection to use the customer’s email address, for sending of information about new travel destinations, products and campaigns, may also be collected separately if the customer actively opts for it on the websites.

Consent and personal information will be saved for two years after which the information will be released unless the customer has given new consent before the final date.

Name, address and bank account number will also be collected separately during the invoicing process. Information on invoices and proof of payment will be saved in TripX financial system for seven years in accordance with the Accounting Act. After this date, the information will be deleted.


The use of personal information is based on the


TripX has chosen to work with certain selected partners and on some occasions, we must share certain personal information with them in order to deliver the product we promised to our customers.

Our partners are mostly active in the areas of air travel, hotels, transportation and marketing.


All customers have the right to the following:

6.1 Access to their personal information

It is possible for the customer to get access to the individual personal information that TripX has collected and saved regarding him/her free of charge.

If this is required, TripX will send a digital file of this personal information directly to the client

6.2 Correcting inaccurate personal information

If any personal information, which has been approved by the customer, has been saved inaccurately by TripX, the customer has the right to get those errors corrected free of charge.

If this is requested, TripX will send a digital file of the client’s updated personal information.

6.3 Deleting personal information

The customer has the right to, if he/she wishes to, have their personal information deleted, and this shall be done

  • if the information is no longer needed for those purposes that they initially were collected for
  • if the processing is based on the customer’s consent and the customer withdraws the consent
  • if the processing is based on justified interest that the customer contests, and which is determined to be invalid
  • if the personal information has been processed unlawfully

The customer cannot demand to get information deleted that TripX needs to keep, in order to obey the law, such as all that accounting information which needs to be saved for at least seven (7) years according to the Accounting Act.

6.4 Object to personal information being used for direct marketing or automatic profiling

Direct marketing and/or so-called automatic profiling without consent is prohibited by law, and any customer who feels that he or she has been subject to this due to information collected by TripX, has the right to file a complaint.

Customer inquiries regarding all matters stated above should be sent by email to minauppgifter@tripx.se


General questions regarding TripX´s data protection should be sent to gdpr@tripx.se